Hiring the right executive talent is critical to your company’s overall success. Candidates must demonstrate deep knowledge of your industry and a proven track record — but they also must share your company’s vision and embody its culture. SRI recruiters are here to quickly and accurately address your executive search needs, with valuable candidates suitable for business leader positions like CEO, CFO, executive vice president, senior director and many others.

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SRI looks beyond what’s presented on paper to uncover a true sense of a candidate’s professional philosophy. We target executive talent with personal integrity and strong leadership skills, and gauge their passion and creativity. We offer a fresh portfolio of executive talent that can deliver in today’s most crucial areas, like risk management, sustainability and social responsibility.
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Results-oriented Electrical Engineering Manager / Director (MBA, BSEE) with over nine years of extensive experience in technical engineering management, directing the maintenance and repair of multiple plants, multimillion dollar capital projects, and project change control in automated systems solutions, extrusion, and power systems. Over eight years of product development (R&D) in the oil and nuclear industry and in the consumer embedded systems industries. Successful leadership of cross-functional and global project teams from product concept to successful transfer of product design into manufacturing. A co-inventor for developing automated rheology analyzers for crude oil content and refinery process. Experienced in drilling fluids, mud engineering, and chemistry. Worked writing instrument engineering specifications and bid/contract packages. Performed FAT tests for new equipment, creating testing reports, and developing engineering change orders to improve the reliability of products. Have strong skills in managing projects from proving the concept through delivery to customers. Ability to analyze complex problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement proper recommendations in support of company goals. Supervise and mentor other project/engineering program managers. Proven ability to invent new ideas and lead design engineers to ensure finished designs that meet project technical specifications, timelines, maintenance installation plant requirements, and budget requirements. Problem solver with outstanding analytical skills, excellent communicator both orally and in writing with business mindset, and leader by example. Known to be reliable, accountable, and to drive tasks to full completion with high expectations. Maintenance practices of public water and wastewater systems. Passionate about hiring and developing the best engineering talent that fits the need of business. Developed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set to high work standards.

Executive (Master of Business Administration; Bachelor of Science, Management of Aerospace Technical Operations), an accomplished aerospace manufacturing operations, MRO, quality, and private equity turnaround leader with 15+ years of domestic and international experience leading enterprise-wide operational excellence strategy deployments with sustained and quantifiable results. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with an established track record of developing improvement roadmaps and executing improvement projects. Organizational capability builder and change leader with a proven reputation of results.

Plant Manager and manufacturing leader (MBA and MS in Engineering) with 19 years of experience helping build efficient, profitable production systems for companies in the electronics, industrial equipment, metalworking, transportation, and environmental technology fields.

Results-driven and highly accomplished Sourcing, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Manager (MBA, BS) with extensive experience in procurement and project management. Recognized for deploying some of the most effective KPI initiatives and global system solutions while collaborating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to create process improvements. Adept at interacting with domestic and foreign business units to improve bottom line and conduct analysis to determine long- and short-term contingency requirements.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager (BS in Business Administration & Finance with a minor in Accounting) with a consistent history of delivering direct material cost reductions of 10-20% or more. Successfully launched supplier improvement programs, metrics, and scorecards with 5 companies which supported company goals of increased turns from 30-80% and maintaining DPM levels of 5000 or less. 20 years’ experience identifying, qualifying, and managing suppliers in domestic and low-cost regions such as India, China, and Mexico, achieving cost reductions of 50% or more while maintaining quality and inventory levels. Lead trainer and SME in areas of expertise with over 2000 associates receiving training worldwide. Consistent record of receiving above average to excellent performance reviews. Strong history of staff development and management resulting in most direct reports accelerating their career paths and promotions through rapid skill development and exposure to best practices. Experience working with a variety of mid-sized to large companies and effectively communicating with all levels of the organization.

Seasoned, performance-focused, and results-driven sales professional (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) with 15+ years of experience in B2B sales and sales leadership. Sold a complex financial solution across multiple “C” level stakeholders which requires an in-depth understanding of the financial and operational impact of an organization’s fleet on the business as well as knowledge of financial statements, present value analysis, EBITDA, credit underwriting, and risk mitigation. Have a track record of developing high-caliber teams that meet and exceed business goals and customer expectations. Known for solid work ethic and professional demeanor, with the ability to multitask in fast-paced settings while achieving set-forth objectives. Able to quickly and easily establish rapport with clients and collaborate with diverse professionals.

Dedicated HR Manager (MBA: Executive Leadership [anticipated], Bachelor of Science: Business) with a strong grasp of employment laws, compliance issues, and benefits plans who successfully introduces process improvements and staff-development initiatives to drive corporate goal attainment.

Production Supervisor & Lean Practitioner with 38 years of aerospace experience and extensive knowledge of various fabrication, assembly, and installation processes. Have the ability to improve all key performance indicators with the implementation of lean concepts. Significant achievements in change management in both union and non-represented environments. Employee development through guidance and evaluations allowing increased accomplishments of individuals and teams.

Creative, resourceful, and flexible General Manager and leader (B.S. Management of Technical Operations) capable of adapting to changing priorities while maintaining a positive attitude with a strong work ethic. Able to communicate effectively and clearly with all organizational levels. Develop strong teams through open communication and participation.

Highly skilled Manager of Supply Chain & Purchasing with more than 7 years of experience in Lean Manufacturing. Effective team leader and manager in all aspects of materials and inventory control. Expertise in problem solving and process control. Experienced instructor / trainer.

Global Aerospace Program Manager, Sr. Consultant, Naval Academy Leader (B.S., General Engineering & Economics), an exceptional team builder with 13 years of program management, engineering, and supply chain expertise. Committed to Customer Service, Continuous Improvement, capturing market share, and increasing competitive advantage.

Accomplished Supply Chain & Logistics professional (Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management) with more than a decade of achievement working in challenging, process-oriented global environments. Applies a positive approach to leadership focused on cultural sensitivity and collaboration across functions. Successfully managed risk and security for multiple cold supply chains to protect capital assets of $100+ million while increasing efficiency and profitability. Credentials include APICS Professional (CSCP, CLTD, SCOR-P) designations, plus real hands-on best manufacturing knowledge (GMPs, SQF, SPQ, and MOQ) acquired from cold supply chain operations.

Ambitious, resourceful Manager (Bachelor of Arts) with 9 years’ experience in the shipping and distribution industry. Strengths include solid communication and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to adapt quickly to change. A well-organized and highly dependable individual who gets results by following through when challenges arise.

Accomplished Project Manager & Product Designer (Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering) delivering innovative laboratory and field calibration instrumentation. Collaborative solutions for complex, new, and sustaining product development, delivering reliable products through concept, design, production, and service. Effective team leader recognized for developing people, processes, and creating a positive working atmosphere. Demonstrated effective methods for developing and achieving performance, timeline, and cost targets.

Dedicated Audit Manager (Master of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science Business Administration: Finance & Accounting Concentrations) with ten years of experience in public accounting. Possesses strong communication and leadership skills. Fosters positive relationships with clients as well as co-workers, staff, and management. Heavily involved with training and supervising staff. Licensed CPA.

Vision-driven Program Manager (Master of Science in Aerospace Management – in progress, completing thesis; Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering) with career-long record of aerospace engineering, project management, and mission program design success for leading organizations. Proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with established systems engineering and program management paradigms to achieve maximum operational impacts with minimum resource expenditures. Growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning proposal and bidding, scheduling, needs analysis, process optimization, government contract practices, negotiation, team building, technology solutions, cross-functional team leadership, performance assessment, client relationship management, and project management. Exceptional mission manager with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, as well as budget management, policy development, and resource allocation expertise.