The job market is a competitive arena where it pays to be a winner. Standing out from the competition is vital. How to stand out and land the job can be surprisingly simple if one follows some fairly straightforward interviewing best practices.

Surpass the competition by following these best practices:

  1. Send a follow up thank you note – perhaps the most overlooked. This is a powerful reminder which reiterates your interest and intentions through the process. It can be sent via an email or snail mail – both forms are acceptable.
  2. Remember the details – shine your shoes, iron your shirt, check your hair, and remember to bring a notepad to write on. These actions demonstrate your attention to detail and echo a well prepared candidate to any hiring manager.
  3. Show your interest – playing hard to get will not increase your bargaining power, later on down the line. Employers want to know you are interested, and any doubt may negatively affect your interview.
  4. Stay on track – while remaining friendly, don’t mistake your interviewer’s casual approach as an invitation to be casual yourself. Maintain a professional ebb and flow through the conversation without becoming too familiar.
  5. Treat everyone like a hiring authority – from the reception desk to HR, never miss an opportunity to be polite and professional. Often times, how you treat the person sitting at the front desk will be communicated to someone connected to the hiring process.

While the aforementioned best practices are simple, often times little things make a big difference. The job market is very competitive. Separate yourself from the pack and land that role.