Your success is tied to your team’s success. Accomplished business leaders understand this relationship and take action to develop high-performing teams. The first step towards building a better team may be to reach outside of your organization, expand your resources and engage a search firm.

Below are five ways a search firm can make your dream-team a reality.

Top Talent
You want the best talent for the job at hand – not the best candidate looking for a job or the best unemployed candidate. There is a high probability that the person you seek is currently employed and contributing his or her skills to another organization. Note, the unemployment rate for individuals with at least a bachelors degree is at 3.3%.*

Utilizing a search firm will provide you with the opportunity to interview, hire and on-board the best talent. It is what they do. A search firm will tap into a vast network of talent while harnessing their knowledge of the employment market to search out, qualify and introduce you to the best and brightest.

Doing the heavy-lifting
Where does the top talent for your role reside? And, how do you get in front of them?

A search firm understands the present dynamics of the employment market and has knowledge of the industry specific talents and skill sets available. The search firm’s recruiters will identify industries, companies and departments that employ the candidates that you seek.

Then the heavy lifting begins as they make hundreds of phones calls, screen numerous candidates, conduct countless interviews, painstakingly qualify talent and introduce the best of the best talent to you. Throughout this process they are selling the opportunity and your company, advocating and acting as an extension of your staff.

With stealth, a search firm will approach and introduce you to talent.

You are seeking a competitive edge and do not want to telegraph your next move. Your competition need not know that you are ramping up your staffing in preparation of a new product launch or marketing campaign. There is no reason to play your hand and advertise your plans or strategies.

And, if you want to replace an individual within your organization, posting a job online is the last thing you want to do. No one wants to answer questions about why an employee saw his or her role online.

Time is Money
It is true, time is money and a search firm will save you both. You are busy with projects, deadlines and a hectic travel schedule. You constantly have individuals tugging on your sleeves and you have a life outside of the office to consider.

A search firm can help manage your search and time. They will only introduce you to qualified candidates while eliminating the in-flux of resumes, e-mails, phone calls and voice mails from unqualified candidates.

Proactive Approach
Most business leaders are always interested in interviewing candidates with specific backgrounds or skill sets.

Is there talent of a certain discipline that you are always interest in learning about or interviewing regardless of your current staffing requirements?

Recruiters at search firms have hundreds of networking conversations everyday and view just as many (or more) resumes. Make them aware of any talent of interest. They, in turn can keep you abreast of the market for this talent and allow you to keep your team fresh and be assured that you have one of the finest teams in your industry.

Your team’s success is a direct reflection of you, therefore you need to hire the best talent. By establishing a relationship with a search firm in the same way you partner with other professionals, such as banks, accountants and law firms, you will save time and money, and you will be well on your way to building a successful team and a successful future.

* December Employment Snapshot