Before selecting an agency to begin a search for your company, look at the team members you have added in the last 6 months: where have the last 5-10 come from? Out of those most recent hires, who has added the most value and who has added the least?
If we were to take a formal audit of your best and brightest against the low performing team members, where would the majority come from? The adage, “Good people know good people” can come to mind when tracing the source of your best hires. Your existing team may have access to an exclusive talent pool you may not know about.

College roommates, previous coworkers, neighbors, and my significant other’s friend seem to be the answers to, “How do you know this person?” Depending on the size of your company, you may have thousands of walking, talking billboards who should be advertising for your company’s hiring needs.

An employee incentive program can be the best way to encourage your team members to think outside of the box when searching for additional talent. That old contact of theirs may suddenly come top of mind when an incentive is introduced for their connection.

As you receive referrals, you will notice a very different grade and class of candidate. Compare these to the applicants coming from your job postings and the contrast is staggering. Talent that is referred by an existing high performer comes with a certain obligation to deliver results: the referral can be a direct reflection of the person who recommended them.

There is no doubt aligning your company with an aggressive search firm has its advantages. Continue to encourage your team can network and introduce potential high performers. Your first stop can be internal departments, before engaging a search firm. You can stay ahead of the pack with an exclusive and loyal talent network that is much closer than you think.