Winning may be a term synonymous with Charlie Sheen, but who do we think of when we think of winning? Moreover, what is the recipe for winning?

Despite our intentions, often the minutia clouds our view and shifts our focus away from winning. There are interruptions and any number of distractions that take our focus off accomplishing our goals and winning.

In the employment market, winning is seen in several ways. With employers, winning is hiring the best talent in the industry that fits the company’s culture. It’s having a smooth onboarding of the new hire. When an employer hires a winner, their view shifts dramatically. Think of how landing a new sales leader can represent a win to a struggling sales team.

For candidates and contractors, winning is securing a role that aligns with their career ambitions. Think of how rewarding your day would be if you worked in a role that you were truly passionate about. How would this impact your life outside of the office?

To win, we must keep our eye on the prize and know what our “win” looks like. Here are four suggestions to consider when entering the employment market with the prime goal of winning.

  1. Identify Your Win
    1. a. As a candidate or contractor, what role are you seeking? What priorities stick out as your top motivators? Which culture will allow you to flourish?

      b. As an employer, who do you have your sights set on? What type of candidate will work best in this role? What is the timeline? What new possibilities can the new hire bring?

  2. Formulate a Plan
    1. a. As a candidate or contractor, how will you execute your job search? What resources are required before you can begin? What is missing in your current role that you hope to gain in a new role? Write out your must haves and grade them against potential opportunities you pursue.

      b. As an employer, with a timeline in mind, how will you go about finding candidates? Exercise all options in identifying potential candidates taking into consideration the source of these candidates. Do you want to advertise to your competitors your intentions of hiring a team for a new product line?

  3. Frequently Check Status
    1. a. As a candidate or contractor, identify where you are in your search. How close are you to landing the role of your dreams? What is missing in the roles you are considering? Are you settling?

      b. As an employer, it is imperative to know the status of the search. How many candidates do you have in process? What is missing in the candidates? Does the process need flexing? Cross reference the candidates you are interviewing with your job requisition.

  4. Daily Mission Statement
    1. a. As a candidate or contractor, a daily reminder of your intent can help keep you motivated and on track. Write a daily mission statement and read it every day.

      b. As an employer, a daily mission statement can keep you on task and assure that the candidates that you are pursuing are aligned with your original job requisition.

Celebrate every win and execute your plan. Winning has a rejuvenating effect on our spirit. Some may say, “It’s not all about winning.” – Personally, I didn’t show up for any other reason.