The battle for talent requires decisive action and a sense of urgency. Many companies, today, are taking too long to hire and because of this they are losing candidates to their competitors. Companies need to have a greater sense of urgency during the hiring process. Phone interviews, conflicts from demanding schedules, assessments and indecision all add time to the interviewing process. Knowing that good people are hard to find, successful companies are effectively navigating the hiring process by shortening their process and landing the talent they need to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Five Action Items:

1. Be accountable to a detailed process and plan that outlines how you are going to interview and hire candidates for particular positions with an emphasis on timely feedback.

2. Eliminate unwarranted and unnecessary steps. Stop the practice of phone interviews, reduce the number of interviews, remove needless interviewers and make sure that assessments are warranted.

3. Know who you want to hire, establish consensus and commitment among all interviewers and act on a candidate.

4. Establish timeframes. Commit to dates in which you want a new hire on board and offers accepted.

5. Sell your opportunity. In today’s employment market this is a must. A key benefit of selling the role to a prospective candidate is that you create a sense of urgency with the candidate.

I am not suggesting making a decision hastily. What I am advocating is a bias for action by fashioning a proficient hiring process predicated on removing wasted time. Again, I see successful companies in every industry winning the battle for talent by recognizing that it is imperative to have a sense of urgency when entering the employment market.