About Shawn

Shawn Fier is the Managing Partner for Systems Research and SRI Technologies. He has over twenty years of experience in the employment industry and is passionate about talent as the prime differentiating factor in success.

Counter-Offers – Part Two

Counter-Offers Part One showed that the allure of making a counter offer to an employee, while tempting, is a poor strategy.

Counter-Offers – Part one

The downside to clients and candidates engaging in counter offers has been discussed for many years. Today, with businesses looking leaner and the employment market continuing to tighten, we are seeing more and more counter-offers. Hence, I want to underscore the consequences that results from […]


Winning may be a term synonymous with Charlie Sheen, but who do we think of when we think of winning? Moreover, what is the recipe for winning?

Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who, Who are you?

The Who is one of my all-time favorite rock bands and the song “Who are you?” is probably my favorite song by The Who.

Common Goal – Shared Success

My twenty years of experience in the employment industry has led me to believe that companies, candidates, contractors and recruiters want the same thing. They want the bull’s-eye hit as quickly as possible. All too often, despite this shared goal, success is not realized. What […]

The Eighty Percenter

Do you have an Eighty Percenter as a candidate for a role that you are attempting to fill? Are you an Eighty Percenter pursuing a new opportunity?

Success by Decision

Some of our decisions have the potential to greatly impact our future and the direction of our companies. Our success or failure often times hinges on the decisions that we make. This is especially true in the talent market. […]

Impact of 3.2

Attempting to decipher the current employment market and understand how it impacts your business can be perplexing. The differing viewpoints from economists and pundits only further cloud your ability to interpret.

Where do your best hires come from?

Before selecting an agency to begin a search for your company, look at the team members you have added in the last 6 months: where have the last 5-10 come from? Out of those most recent hires, who has added the most value and who has […]

Your Team, Your Success and the Search Firm

Your success is tied to your team’s success. Accomplished business leaders understand this relationship and take action to develop high-performing teams. The first step towards building a better team may be to reach outside of your organization, expand your resources and engage a search firm.