Skip The Phone Interview

You’ve been searching for months.
You finally identify a resume that looks promising. The candidate’s background is perfect…good education, right industry, not too many jobs. She’s even local!

Action and Urgency

The battle for talent requires decisive action and a sense of urgency. Many companies, today, are taking too long to hire and because of this they are losing candidates to their competitors. Companies need to have a greater sense of urgency during the hiring process. […]

Faults of the Hiring Process

Companies, big and small, inadvertently and with good intentions fall into these common traps when courting and interviewing candidates. Make sure you and your teams aren’t making the same mistakes, costing you talent.

Counter-Offers – Part Two

Counter-Offers Part One showed that the allure of making a counter offer to an employee, while tempting, is a poor strategy.

Counter-Offers – Part one

The downside to clients and candidates engaging in counter offers has been discussed for many years. Today, with businesses looking leaner and the employment market continuing to tighten, we are seeing more and more counter-offers. Hence, I want to underscore the consequences that results from […]


Winning may be a term synonymous with Charlie Sheen, but who do we think of when we think of winning? Moreover, what is the recipe for winning?

Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who, Who are you?

The Who is one of my all-time favorite rock bands and the song “Who are you?” is probably my favorite song by The Who.

Contingent Search – A Great Option

You have finally assembled the staff of your dreams – the one that will drive your company’s growth for the next ten years.

Starting a Resume

You’re at your desk at the office, thinking about making a change, and the call from the recruiter comes.
The recruiter tells you about an opportunity, it sounds like what you have been looking for to inspire the job change.
Then the recruiter asks, […]

Common Goal – Shared Success

My twenty years of experience in the employment industry has led me to believe that companies, candidates, contractors and recruiters want the same thing. They want the bull’s-eye hit as quickly as possible. All too often, despite this shared goal, success is not realized. What […]