The Eighty Percenter

Do you have an Eighty Percenter as a candidate for a role that you are attempting to fill? Are you an Eighty Percenter pursuing a new opportunity?

Securing and Preparing for an Interview – Part 2

In Part 1 I discussed tactics for securing an interview with a targeted potential employer. Part 2 will explore how to prepare effectively for that interview.

Securing and Preparing for an Interview – Part 1

As a relatively recent college graduate myself, I know firsthand how hard it is to find a job in this current market. All we hear about in the media is how tough the job market is for new graduates, since most employers are looking for someone […]

Success by Decision

Some of our decisions have the potential to greatly impact our future and the direction of our companies. Our success or failure often times hinges on the decisions that we make. This is especially true in the talent market. […]

When the recruiter calls

Most of the time you’ll get the call at the office. You pick up the phone and an unfamiliar voice greets you and introduces themselves. Your heartbeat quickens and a slight panic runs through you. You look around the office to see if anyone may be […]

I Need A Job!

Ok, you finally made it. You are entering your final semester of college. You completed seven semesters of grueling midterms and final exams. Now is when it hits you…that looming thought that enters your head, “I need a job!”

Impact of 3.2

Attempting to decipher the current employment market and understand how it impacts your business can be perplexing. The differing viewpoints from economists and pundits only further cloud your ability to interpret.

Positive Attitude

Attitude: It starts with you.
Attitude is one of the most influential elements in determining the success for individuals and teams alike. Great leaders understand this concept.

Where do your best hires come from?

Before selecting an agency to begin a search for your company, look at the team members you have added in the last 6 months: where have the last 5-10 come from? Out of those most recent hires, who has added the most value and who has […]

Contract Work: A Bridge to Your Next Direct Position

It’s been a few months since you were caught in the corporate reorganization and your job search is not where you thought it would be. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to take a little time off before you started the search for […]